Wholesale Games

Wholesale Supply of Consoles

Wholesale Games supplies all types of major consoles. This includes Sony PlayStation PS3, PS2, PSP, Microsoft Xbox X360, Nintendo Wii, DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, and the new 3DS consoles. We distribute both UK format (3-pin power plug), and European format (2-pin power plug) consoles. The formats are easily interchangeable by changing the power cord or fitting a power adapter. All consoles are PAL format, however PS3 and NDS consoles are open region and can be operated also in both Americas. All consoles are brand new and sealed.

Wholesale Games usually has a large number of wholesale consoles available in the stock. We buy both directly from the manufactures and from the secondary markets. This allows us to lower the costs of goods which translates into low prices for our customers. We supply wholesale consoles to many retailers that offer the biggest discounts on the high street.

Nintendo Consoles

DS Nintendo DS

Lightest Nintendo hand held console. Clever, handsome, and fun.

DSi Nintendo DSi

Advanced version of Nintendo DS. Even cleverer, as handsome, and even more fun.

DSi XL Nintendo DSi XL

Heavy-weigther version of DSi. Includes more and processes better.

3DS Nintendo 3DS

New 3D console from Nintendo. This brings incredible experience to the world of hand held systems.

Wii Nintendo Wii

Wii is the flagship Nintendo system. The console comes in a bundle with Sport Resort and Motion Plus.

Wii black Nintendo Wii Black

Sony PlayStation Consoles

PS3 320G PlayStation PS3 320G

The flagship PlayStation system todate. Fast, mighty, and very handsome.

PS3 160G PlayStation PS3 160G

PlayStation system with half of the memory of the flagship model. Still sufficiently fast, mighty, and very handsome.

PSP PlayStation PSP

Sony's hand held console. Small, fast, powerfull, and elegant, like all Sony products.

PS2 PlayStation PS2

Sony's previous generation PlayStation. Still considerably demanded.

Microsoft Xbox X360 Consoles

X360 Elite X360 Elite

Previous generation flagship model with 120G memory. Still greatly demanded!

X360 Arcade X360 Arcade

Previous generation X360 model without hard drive. Still greatly demanded!

Xbox 360 Slim 4Gb Xbox 360 Slim 4Gb

Xbox 360 Slim 4Gb model.

Xbox 360 Slim 250Gb Xbox 360 Slim 250Gb

Xbox 360 Slim 250Gb model.